Best Sports Handicappers

Best NBA Handicappers

The NBA is internationally acclaimed, bringing in massive numbers of supporters from all corners of the earth. But it is not just devoted fans who take notice; countless experts also study the sport closely to figure out how each game will play out. This process of observation and assigning worth to teams is known as handicapping. Through this article, we will observe some of the best NBA handicappers in the game.

Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy is a distinguished figure in the realm of sports handicapping, having been giving educated insights into NBA games for many years. He is the creator of and is celebrated as one of the most highly-regarded handicappers in the field. Duffy’s technique to handicapping stems from his involvement and exceptional talent for inspecting a game from multiple viewpoints. He is also admired for his knack for locating underdogs that have a promising opportunity of prevailing, an important ability for any handicapper.

Teddy Covers

Teddy Covers is an esteemed figure in sports handicapping with over two decades of advice-giving for NBA matchups. He started the renowned website,, due to his extensive background and specialised approach to analysis. Known for his capacity to discern likely victors amongst underdogs, he has attained an enviable standing in the field of handicapping.

Jon Price

With two decades of experience providing professional advice for NBA handicapping, Jon Price has established himself as a distinguished expert in the sports industry. His insight comes from his capacity to study a match from all angles and his knack for spotting the potential for underdogs to come out victorious. As the founder and CEO of Sports Information Traders, Price is respected by many for his knowledge in sports handicapping.

RJ Bell

With two decades of knowledge, RJ Bell has gained a reputation as one of the most prestigious handicappers in the business. As the CEO and founder of, he provides invaluable advice on sports betting. Bell’s approach to betting entails his past experiences and capability to comprehend the match from each and every perspective. His talent of locating the potential dark horses, making them victorious, is truly incomparable.

Jeff Allen

For more than two decades, Jeff Allen has been delivering premium advice on the NBA. He founded, making his name synonymous with trusted handicapping. His impressive knack for deciphering a game from every angle, as well as uncovering potential winners in the underdog camp, has earned Jeff a well-deserved standing among handicappers.

Steve Fezzik

Steve Fezzik is a renowned handicapper who has been giving sound counsel on NBA matches for over ten years. As the creator of, his skill has earned him the stature of one of the most revered handicappers in the sector. Steve’s technique to handicapping relies on his expertise and his remarkable knack to review a game from all points of view. He is also known for his ability to distinguish value in the wagering lines, which is a significant talent for any handicapper.

Marc Lawrence

With a renowned career in the handicapping world, Marc Lawrence has been dispensing insights on NBA games for the past three decades. He founded and has since achieved fame for his effective strategies in picking winners. By relying on meticulous analysis and research, he is known for detecting the hidden subtleties of the game that the majority of gamblers may overlook.

Dave Price

Dave Price has long been a pillar of expertise in NBA handicapping, having accrued 20+ years of knowledge in the field. The founder of, Price has developed a trustworthy name amongst punters thanks to his methodological approach to betting. His unparalleled research and keen eye for value-laden lines allows for successful prediction of the outcomes of games, ultimately serving as a priceless asset to any gambler.

Bryan Leonard

Bryan Leonard is a long-established handicapper with three decades of expertise in NBA betting. He is the founder of and is well-respected in the industry. His successful approach relies on research and thorough analysis, which enable him to spot good value in the betting lines. His ability to predict game outcomes make him a valuable asset to all bettors.

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers has decades of experience as an NBA handicapper and is highly regarded for his expert advice. The founder of, Kevin utilizes in-depth research and analytical prowess to locate advantageous betting lines. He is highly successful in forecasting the results of NBA matchups, making him an invaluable resource for all college sports bettors.


The NBA season is lengthy, presenting lots of chances for sharp handicappers to make judicious decisions on games. Those outlined here are amongst the premier in the field, boasting several years of experience and a remarkable record of accomplishments. Although not infallible, these authorities have developed their abilities through time, providing them a rare talent for evaluating games from each angle. If you’re after authoritative advice for NBA matchups, these handicappers make an excellent beginning point. Yet, it’s necessary to recognize that no one can foretell the future with total precision, thus it’s fundamental to exercise prudence and settle on wise bets when wagering on sports.