What is sports betting handicapping?

Sports Handicapping explained

If you are just starting to bet in bookmakers, then you probably already have many questions that you would like to find answers to. One of these questions may be – “what is a handicapping /handicap ?”.

At first glance, it might seem that the word “handicap” has nothing to do with bets, but this is not so. Handicap – this is just one of the types of bets that was invented in the United States. The main goal of this bet is to equalize the forces of two rivals.

Why does the bookmaker need to equalize the strength of the teams?

In sports, it often happens that one team is much stronger than the other. Everyone understands how their confrontation will end. That is why the coefficient on the favorite will be minimal. And what’s the point of bettor betting on a coefficient of the form 1.05. With such numbers as you can’t bet, you won’t win much. Here, handicap-type bets come to the rescue, which, so to speak, are heating up inter growth around the event.

For example, a bookmaker offers a favorite odds equal to 2 and the corresponding coefficient. This means that in order for the bet to play, it is necessary that the favorite win with a score of more than 2 goals (3: 0, 4: 1, 5: 2). If the score is, for example, 2: 0, then as a rule, in this case the bookmaker returns the funds spent on the bet. But this point needs to be clarified. Usually, this issue is raised in the rules of each bookmaker.

What are the handicaps

The handicap is also not alone. Today, modern bookmakers offer three types of handicaps: Asian handicaps, European handicaps and triple handicaps. Let’s look at each of them individually.

Triple handicap

This type implies that bets can be made on any of three outcomes: P1, P2 and draw.

European handicap

Almost the same as a triple handicap, however, with a draw, money is not returned. Instead, such an outcome has its own coefficient.

Asian handicap

This type of bet does not provide for a draw. That is, in any form of handicap, a draw is possible, since the handicap is an integer: handicap 0 1 , handicap 0 2 . In this case, the Asian handicap 0 is impossible. Here the handicap is a fractional number: 0.5; 1.5; 2.5. Therefore, given the handicap, either one team will win or the other.

Handicap betting is quite an exciting experience. Also, thanks to her, you can earn on your favorite team that plays with an outsider. For example, you want to bet on Real Madrid, which plays with Granada. And what will be the coefficient for the victory of Real Madrid? Very very small. The last meeting between these teams ended with a score of 9: 1. But you can play on the handicap, and the coefficient on it will be clearly more than 2.

Now, you know what is handicapping or handicap is. It’s time to go bet. Good luck and lots of wins for you.